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In Colombia we were the founders of SIDOC S.A the most profitable Steel Mill in Colombia. In the Ink printing industry, slaughtering houses. Construction of commercial and affordable homes in several countries. We have supplied Steel Mill and Fabrication equipment for clients in South America and the Caribbean. We have received awards from the CRSI Institute for our work at the Port of Miami, Tunnel, The SFMA (South Florida Manufactures Association) and the Minority Chamber of Commerce.


  • We work with mayor suppliers of LED lighting and energy efficiency solutions from Europe, US and Asia
  • We can provide unique electric, mechanical, gases, water, air-conditioning, wireless monitoring systems for your business
  • We also can retrofit with LED your exiting lighting fixtures, to reduce the cost of your energy savings programs business, help you plan it from the start or help with control mechanisms to control electricity consumption, air conditioning temperature, refrigerators temperature, etc
  • Special solutions

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We offer the full spectrum of real estate development services for different types of industries.

  • Medley Studios: Project Located in Medley, to build Studio space for the TV, movie and music business. Shared office concept for small warehouses of the área and entertainment industry
  • Port of Miami Tunnel: Steel Supply and Assembly
  • Affordable Houses: Project Located in Little Havana and Carol City, to build Affordable Houses


We can quote you houses, warehouses and buildings up to 10 stories height. The prefabricated houses are built with the latest technology, all green building techniques with the highest architectural designs. High speed building cutting cost and time

Prefabricated Houses & Buildings