JMC TRADING is more than a trading company

We are dedicated to supplying and helping our customers procure all the necessities in a global economy

Our company is managed by a team with more than 30 years of experience in commodities trading and purchasing. These include: Construction materials, aggregates, steel, prefabricated homes. JMC also provides consulting services for the metallurgic and construction industries as well as a range of energy savings solutions and technology. We are proud to give you a quick and reliable service with cost-effective and precise products. Our efficiency is the heart of our business philosophy and we continuously search for means to reduce the cost of delivering a better product for our customers. Our sales team is trained to meet and over-deliver your expectations with a unique pre and post sales service. We actively encourage a “can do” attitude.

We have experience in trading commodities in Asia, North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean and Europe. Our portfolio includes sales of shop equipment, hotels, supermarkets, ultra-low energy consumption air-conditioning equipment’s, free-consulting in solutions to reduce electric consumption, heavy equipment for steel mills, fabrication shops. JMC has strategic alliances with a vast network of suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world.

Smart Construction Solutions + More

At JMC TRADING we believe in providing consistently high standards of integrity, service, quality, and value in satisfying customer needs. We aim to stimulate duty, mutual loyalty, and a sense of pride in working for JMC TRADING through employee involvement at all levels; continuous updating of knowledge, skills, competitive recognition, and reward systems

Our Mission

Is to become the most valued and successful organization in the industry for our customers and employees offering ideal trading, energy efficient solutions, and management consulting services with many additional options to our clients, who value time, money, safety and quality.